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Design leadership in one of Japan's
largest Fintech companies

Senior Design Specialist - Japan - Jul 2022

A.I. Matching System Platform helping people find their dream job in tech

Design Lead - Japan - Aug. 2018

From zero to one to unicorn - this startup set the tone for last mile, same-day delivery in Latin America 

Design Lead - Brazil - Mai 2013 - Aug 2015


Healthcare + Wearable

A device aiming for human dignity

Hands-on Design Consultancy - Japan - Jun 2017

App for college students to find and hire tutors to help with lessons and assignments

Hands-on Design Consultancy - USA - Sep 2015


Redesign and strategy for the 2nd biggest sports website in Brazil + a very cool collaborative process tool

Hands-on Design Consultancy - Brazil - Set 2015 - Jun 2016


Artificial Intelligence + FinTech

The most advanced DIY trading platform in Asia

Hands-on Design Consultancy - Japan - Feb 2017

More Projects

HR Software  Web + Moblie

Create and manage work shifts for temp workers

Hands-on Design Consultancy - Japan - Set 2016

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