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Money Forward

Money Forward is one of Japan's most successful Fintechs with millions of B2B and B2C clients using over 45 products, from SaaS management platforms to personal finance apps and accounting services. 

This is my current job, helping the company take some products internationally.

I will update this page soon, but work comes first, and there is a lot of it, so bear with me :)

Design Leadership - Product Design - Strategy

I guess what is worth writing about at this moment is that my experience so far at Money Forward has been amazing.
Our team has over 10 nationalities and this beautiful mixture of backgrounds has enabled us to create some very interesting products.

It is very curious to realize how different cultures tackle problems in so many unusual ways.

This has enriched my knowledge as a designer so much, that is hard to measure.

Despite all the fun we have as a team, we have a huge challenge ahead of us.

Japanese professionals have a unique approach to products, from conception to go-to-market, we need to adapt it all if we want to maintain the product's quality and thoroughness in other markets and translate the user experience, especially to Western cultures.

The greatest achievements so far (that I can reveal) are:
- Growing our client base from zero to hundreds of corporate clients in one year.

- Getting our SOC2 certification in record time!

- Leveraging the power of OpenAI's API, we've integrated a revolutionary ChatGPT-like feature into our products, bringing an       A.I. Assistant that understands user needs.

I will soon update this page with some visuals of what our team is working on.

Thank you for your patience.

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