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Thank you for taking the time to visit my portfolio.

My name is Eduardo, a designer from Sao Paulo, Brazil currently working as a Design Lead at, an HR Tech Solutions provider from Tokyo, Japan.
In a nutshell:
UXer, nature lover (people are included), non-stop learner, culture explorer, amateur guitarist, language apprentice, walker, cooking enthusiast and globetrotter. Oh, and a father!
About my professional background:
After graduating from Arts, went on to form a design studio with friends from university. 
10 years of blood, sweat and, tears later (and successes, awards and loads of laughter) I fell in love with this new tech startup thing that was coming. Worked in the most prominent one, in a couple of small ones and then co-founded a startup that eventually became a unicorn. After that, I've worked as a design consultant for early-stage startups in Brazil, the US, Canada, England, and Japan. I also started to do mentorship, advisory and most recently started investing.
Overall, I'm a design generalist who can handle UI and UX, enjoy researching, prototyping and delivering pixel-perfect products. I love bringing new products to life! 
On a personal level:
People say I'm easy going, caring and respectful.
I like people in general, cherish diversity and like to listen to their stories.
These days I'm challenging myself to think deeply about ethics and the impact of A.I. technology in the future of social relations. Currently also reading a lot about stoic philosophy and learning about meditation. 
Cooking, drawing and, playing 80's rock in the guitar are also part of my ensemble.
I'm a decent FIFA player and Mario Kart rules.
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